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The estate Torre in Pietra Leprigana, was bought in the thirties by Luigi Albertini, editor and owner of the newspaper, Corriere della Sera, and senator.

He created a model estate on the 2.500 hectares of land, specialising in milk production and implemented works for the recovery the marsh land which had been a problem for the health of the residents . He was responsible for bringing black and white Friesian cows to Italy and was the founder of the trade-markTorre in Pietra”, a well-known dairy label in Lazio. 

From the onset, Senator Albertini, (grandfather of the current owners), turned his attention to wine-making; enlarging the existing cellar (in 1938, during the excavations, important mammoth remains were discovered in the grotto) and planting new vineyards. The existence of vineyards around the Castle was already documented from the 16th century, when the land belonged to the Peretti family (Pope Sixtus V) and there are also records mentioning the vineyards and the cantina during the times of the successive owners: the Falconieri, The Carpegna and the Florio families.  



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