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Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

The olive trees are located on areas protected from the sea, in sandy loam rich with micro-fossils.
It is a modern system of planting, super concentrated with over 1000 plants per hectare, which allows us to obtain the highest quality with contained costs.
Different varieties are grown which lend themselves well to this type of farming; Each type is collected separately in order to best blend them in the two oils that we produce:

Is a delicate and harmonious flavoured Extra-virgin Olive Oil.
fruity and balanced, rich with aftertastes of hazelnut, almond, artichoke and pleasant herbal notes. Due to its particular characteristics, it can be considered the "Universal Oil" par excellence, perfect for any type of dish and condiment, but it is particularly suitable for fish, salads, legumes and boiled vegetables.

Is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil of great personality, intense, fruity and a little spicy, freeing intense fragrances with long aromatic finishes of artichoke ending on a deep note of fresh grass, green olive, and walnut.
Its unique character is well interpreted through Mediterranean cooking. In particular, it excels on meats, roasts, sauces and bruschetta.

SIZE: Bottles of 75 cl and 50 cl – Tins of 5 litri.

PACK SIZES: 75 cl in cartons of 6 – 50 cl in cartons of 12.





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